Thursday, January 03rd, 2013

Where grilled cheese sammies are served out of school buses, vintage treasures sold from double-decker buses, kitten heels are 86’d, rain boots are in, you can hula hoop for a living or join the circus, and the food is elevated to a whole new level.  You would never think of eating a donut simply dipped in chocolate.  This is Portland, Oregon and if you wanna know more?  Rent the first episode of Portlandia.  Recipe here.

Happy New Year and all that jazz.

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  1. Were you really in Portland?! My little sister lives there. Thinking of taking a little wine-inspired trip to see her this summer. It will have to involved doughnuts. ;)

    Happy New Year!! I hope you celebrated appropriately!

  2. I’ve never been to Portland, but my husband has layovers there often and always comes home telling me about good meals. One day I’m going to visit!
    Happy New Year Miss Jenny!!! XO

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    Love love love your pictures!! Happy New Year!

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    Happy New Year! And if you want to ship them, I’ll take a dozen donuts please. :)

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    Sibyl Rubottom 

    What great pics from PDX . Another Portland . Fun. Loved our trip .xox

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    Love the pics and I love anything served or sold out of an old recycled bus!!!!! (That’s my dream—-buy an old bus, paint it psychedelic colors ala Partridge Family and sell STUFF!) I have got to get my hands on a donut pan too.

    Happy, Happy New Year!!!!!

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    I better add Portland to my travel bucket list…I’d go just for the bus that serves grilled cheese! Ohio? No wonder I like you!!! xo

  8. Not a food truck, but a food BUS. I love it! So perfect for Portland, too.

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    I loved Portland when I visited it. I would move there in a heartbeat (minus the rain). I can imagine myself eating that awesome looking donut and roaming around the lush green city.

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    Great photos!! Thank you for sharing, such a peaceful vibe the two of you are exuding in the photos. That’s what Oregon and Washington does to one…peace Mitzi

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    What cool donuts! I bet that horchata glaze is super yummy. And Happy New Year! :)

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    Happy New Year Jenny! Looking forward to what vintagesugarcube has in store for 2013. Lots of love to you and ER too!

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    Great pics and great recipe! Looks like you had a great time. I love the TV show Portlandia. And I love horchata. Never thought about using it as a donut glaze, but it sound amazing, just like all your great recipes. Happy New Year to you and Elijah.

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    What a beautiful presentation. The green boots got me :) Just love them.

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    Love the photos of Portland and the donuts sound absolutely delicious!

  16. i wish these were done in singapore!

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    Oh yum! I am totally going to have to try this! Tom and I adore Horchata, and Tom is a total sucker for donuts.

    Have a fantastic 2013!

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    Love the vintage look of the pictures. I always learn something new from your posts and will continue to stop by in 2013. Happy New Year!

  19. As Homer would say: DONUTS! Yum and I love hortacha too so great idea for this combo. Happy New Year!

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    As a native Portlander,
    I felt that you really caught the spirit of the place, especially with your use of vibrant color, yummy eats, and BOOTS! I certainly don’t miss wearing the boots daily, but do miss the vibrant, artistic vibe that is the norm there. Long live PDX!

  21. Jorge and I are planning a trip to Portland this year. Can’t wait to go! I really wanted to check out the food truck scene :) Happy New Year! Also, the donuts look delicious!

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    The photos were fabulous!! The bus is sooooo. vintage(sugar cube)!!

  23. Horchata heaven for all! You have to give it up for the ways horchata can flavor different dishes. Donuts, donuts, donuts!

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    Happy New Year! I love Portland (got me lots of family there), and I got Netflix streaming for Christmas. Does that mean I will love Portlandia, too? I hope so.


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    Never tasted horchata before….it looks familiar though. Now my inner foodie must try it * run off to see if I can purchase it online.

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