Sunday, March 13th, 2011

A couple weeks ago, I requested your best Vegas story.  Thank you soo much and I hope you enjoyed the 14 Karat Cake.  A million thanks to my foodie friend, James Kiester, for judging the shenanigans.  I had no idea he was writing a book about Vegas. Check out his food blog for more fun. Big congrats to the winner, a special surprise Vegas inspired prezzy will be sent soon.  James picks the winning story below.

“My favorite story involved an elevator ride with Dean Martin, a Frank Sinatra concert, and a marriage proposal. Unfortunately, it all happened in Reno, so I can only award Trish an Honorable Mention.  I poured over the rest of the stories of parties, strip clubs, and wild nights with great care. I eventually narrowed it down to three stories; Liska420’s drunken adventure, Bridget’s $1,200 slot win, and  Leslie B’s celebrity fest at Hard Rock Café.  All 3 of these stories SCREAM, “Las Vegas,” to me in different ways. For over a week, the story which ended with taking a strip club’s limo through a fast food drive-thru was the front runner. What’s more “Vegas” than a early morning junk food run after a night of drinking and male strippers? Being a gambler at heart though, I leaned toward the slot win for a good long time too. But, drinking at a table with Ed McMahon smacks of a classic Vegas moment too.  In the end, Bridget was the one who did the research and figured out how to beat the bandits. For that reason, I have to reward Bridget with the win.”

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    Well Jenny, you don’t know me and you might be surpised to know this about Jon….we don’t think you could handle our BEST Las Vegas story. ;)

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    Melanie!! Now I HAVE to know. Please, go have a cocktail or two tonight and log back on and start typing. Pretty Please?

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    Hippy Tiffy 

    The best trips to Vegas are the ones I only vaguely remember! We used to follow the Grateful Dead there every year…..2 or 3 day shows in the blistering heat, good music, good friends, lots of drugs and non-stop dancing, we never needed a room, we didn’t sleep for 3 days! Ahhhhh……to be young and carefree again…………..good times!

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    Hippy Tiffy- Grateful thanks to you for getting this parteeee started mama!!! Love this story something big and fierce. I know when you are 90-yo and look back on your life, you are not going to have any regrets that you didn’t live life to the fullest. Kudos to you!! And thanks again for making me smile on a Sunday morning. :)

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    Fabulous! And that coat – Love it!

  6. Great pics! :-)

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    Thanks Mo and James! Much appreciated! Now gimme your best Vegas story. :)

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    On my very first trip to Las Vegas (many, many years ago), I went into the old Stardust and was playing craps. Surprisingly, I started doing really well and within a few minutes, I had a lot of chips in front of me at a very crowded table. I was a little nervous that I could not keep track of my chips and the craps game at the same time, so i started taking some of the chips from the chip holder in front of me and put them in my pockets. About the third time I put some chips in my pockets, 2 big goons and a pit boss surrounded me and grabbed my arms and all my chips and proceeded to drag me away from the table. I was taken to a security room in the back of the casino, told to empty all my pockets. They told me that it was illegal to take chips from the chip holder and put them in your pockets while in the middle of a game. They could tell I had no idea about this law and let me go with a warning. Apparently, the law is or was that you could only take chips off the table to put in your pocket when when you finished playing, not in the middle of the game. They said the pit boss had told me twice to stop, but I just ingnored him. I really didn’t hear him tell me anything. And I’m still mad that they broke my chain of good luck that night. I’ve never had a winning streak that big at craps since that night, lol.

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    Around to tell the story 

    I’ve been traumatized by Vegas since my parents took me there when I was 8, which as an adult I deem to be completely inappropriate. I spent 2 whole days at Circus Circus hotel while my parents were off watching “shows” (and now that I know what that means, I’m even more traumatized), and on the third day, my dad and I are walking down the strip and out come two large hands to nab me! Thank goodness for my killer pipes and the good sense to use them! I almost got kidnapped on the strip – a true story.

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    So, we were in Vegas for my brother’s bachelor party. We had just hit up the Mandalay Bay craps tables after an amazing tasting menu at Social House, having a good time and drinking heavy. We were waiting for the monorail to take us back to Caesar’s or something (40 hours of drinking can make one forget). One of the guys was on crutches due to a surfing accident. My brother and one of his friends grab the guys crutches and start playfully hitting him with them, while we are on the monorail. Two girls in the car freak out and start to attack my brother and his friend, screaming at them for beating up this poor defenseless guy. They are trying to grab the crutches from them so they can give them back. We are all laughing so hard, we don’t bother to tell the girls that it was all just a joke. This is just part of the night. We get back to the hotel we are staying at (Luxor I think) and start playing craps again. My brother is hammered, and only speaks in lines that are direct quotes from Team America. Unfortunately, most of them are from Kim Jong Il and there is a lady of Asian descent working the table. She laughs along for a while, understanding he is on his bachelor party. One of the guys asks where one of the other guys is. My brother answers “ATM”. The other guy says “what?” My brother screams across the table “Ass to Mouth”. Game over. This kind of stuff went on for three days…

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    I think my Mum’s mink looks better on you! Love the pictures, but…as they say “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

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    Gary- You totally cracked me up. That is soooo old-school Vegas eh? No mess’n around.

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    Around to tell the story- Wowzers!!! Have you ever been back? Don’t get mad at me for saying this, but the part about your folks leaving you at Circus Circus made me chuckle out loud!! Thanks for humoring me with this hilarious story..:_)

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    Redbeard! I’m sooo afraid to know what will go down at your bachelor party! Very afraid. Thanks for sharing this story. I feel thoroughly entertained from the inside out. Muuuah baby!!

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    Antony- I think your mom is enjoying this post… Thank you!!!! And consider sharing your best story. I’d sooo love to know.
    PS.. You can always leave your PORNSTARNAME! Just say’n….

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    I go to Reno more often than Vegas, for the Air Races — I could tell you a romantic story about Reno and the old Bally’s Grand! But I don’t want to break the rules. :) Fabulous looking cake, and I gave my mother a vintage mink just like that one — bought it at a fur auction for next to nothing — she adored it!

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    Trish- Thanks for stopping by! I’d LOVE to hear your Reno story. I’m a hopeless romantic to the core. Thanks for the compliment on the cake. And I love that you bought you mom a fantabulous coat! :)

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    Okay, then, with your permission! :) I had been dating a boy for a few weeks after knowing him as a friend for several months. We decided to go to the Reno Air Races together, since he was a recreational pilot and I was a student pilot. We stayed at the lovely old Bally’s Grand — and rode up the elevator with Dean Martin when we arrived… Also on the elevator was our bellman, Skip, who mistakenly referred to us as “Mr. and Mrs. ___.” Our eyes locked,, and we grinned but did not correct him. Two nights later, after seeing Frank Sinatra (who was a peppy 72 at the time), my sweetheart proposed to me under a poster of Ava Gardner (Frank’s one true lifelong love). We married later that year and had many flying adventures together in our little yellow two-seater airplane, and regularly revisit the Reno Air Races to relive the fun! Oh, yes, and Skip the bellman? We left him a $50 tip!

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    You even look golden in these pictures! I know anyone who makes this cake hits the jackpot!!

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    What an awsome photo shoot and a great idea!! I thought that coat looked familar :) yummy cake:)

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    Trish! That is such a beeeeutiful story. Thanks a million for popping back and sharing. I love that you and your hubby revisit the air races. Now that is keep’n the spark golden and going eh? Love it, Love it, Love it. Thanks again Trish!!

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    Linda & Linda – thanks soo much :)

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    LOVE the new recipe, but not sure if I should share my story :)

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    El Fuego 

    Love the sexiness and sweetness! Fuego does not speak of such things about Vegas. If you know fuego, you know its fun! Rolling the dice for lucky 7′s in your success!

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    My craziest Vegas story has yet to occur, but I have always fancied the idea of those Elvis drive-thru wedding chapels. Must make a note to be careful who I travel with on those future Vegas trips. New hubby that I’ve known for three hours = bad idea.

    Unless it’s James Franco. I could work with that. ;D

  26. OK, just for the heck of it. I’d read “Scarne’s Complete Guide To Gambling,” studied odds, and figured out that betting against the shooter in craps was the best bet in town, since the casino also bets against the shooter, basically giving you house odds. So, when I turned 21, I played at The Sands. I won 4 or 5 No Pass bets in a row. Once I was playing on their money, I started making field bets, 6/8 bets, and was hitting hitting hitting.

    After a while, an old lady walked up to the table and asked the dealer, “How do you play this game?”

    The dealer snapped his fingers, pointed to me, and said, “Just do what he does.”

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    El Fuego- Thank YOU for all your sweetness. Are you sure I can’t change your mind about sharing a story or two? I know there’s gotta be more than one. XOXO, Ann Fifth..

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    Kocinera- LOVE this story… I think James Franco would work with me too!! XOXO, Ann Fifth

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    James- you are fab-u-lous sir, absolutely fab-u-lous!!!

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    Where to begin???? Vegas… circa 2000. I was going to play matchmaker. I had two friends ( let’s just call them Jim and Nancy for privacy reasons) that I thought would be perfect for each other. We all met in Las Vegas for some fun. We hit the Strip not knowing what the night had in store for us. We went to Freemont Street to see the light show, played blackjack, and ended up at The Olympic Garden. If you’re not familiar with The Olympic Garden…’s a strip club…..women downstairs and men upstairs. Now you have to understand, Nancy thought she was coming to Vegas to meet the man of her dreams. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking that’s not the best place to go if you want to start a relationship with someone, but it was Vegas!! We’re all getting lap dances…..don’t judge!!! I get a lap dance, Nancy gets a lap dance and then we buy Jim a lap dance. Here’s where the story gets good…..Jim falls asleep during the lap dance! The stripper looked at me and Nancy, shrugs her shoulders and walks away. Nancy and I were a little baffled by this, but we kept drinking and having fun! I’ve always considered myself bi-curious so when the girl giving me a lap dance asks me to go to the VIP room with her I said “yes” leaving Nancy and a very sleepy JIm alone. While I’m in the VIP room, Jim confesses to Nancy that he is gay and he would rather be upstairs getting a lap dance from a man! Nancy did not end up with the man of her dreams that night and I had to go home and explain to my husband why there was a $350 charge on our credit card from the VIP room at The Olympic Garden!

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    Mary- I’m laughing soooo hard, I have tears running down my face!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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    You really rock that fur! I have no exciting Vegas stories- but when you get to a mexican dish, I have plenty of MEXICO stories! :o)

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    Amy- Thanks doll! I had fun wearing the coat that is never worn. I LOVE your MEXICO stories. I need to make a Mexican-inspired dessert, just to get you to spill the beans. XOXO, Ann Fifth…

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    Well Miss Sugar! I must say some of the best stories from Vegas are of course a bit vague. But you know how I do love my gays and my gays do looooove vegas! The last time we went consisted of walking down the hallway of the Mandalay Bay drinking Moet from the bottle (who has time for glasses when you are late for dinner) then giving a really hot cop my business card and telling him that i would love to shoot him naked. Drunken dancing at some god awful club followed by giving my producer a lap dance in the middle of a casino and immediately afterwards taking pics of my Assistant Director rolling around with the most extereme case of the giggles ontop of a craps table. What does a girl do after the boys pack it in??? The nudie bar of course (always go to the ones with the free limo service)! Follow that up with 7am Jack in the Box drive thru and mooning parking enforcement on the way back to the hotel and there you have 12 hours of sheer debauchery and what I call a good night. Seaking of which…when do WE get to go???

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    Liska420- I just laughed so hard, I think I tinkled. Reading this is exactly what I needed with my afternoon coffee. And the fact that it is all 100% true and more details probably left out, makes me smile even more. My day is now complete. Exx Ohh, Ex Oh, Ann Fifth…

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    I am one of those rare individuals who isn’t a fan of Vegas so my best Vegas story is always the day that I get to leave town!

    But I absolutely love the photos – you look amazing!!!!

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    Alexi- You are pretty darn funny. That comment gave me a chuckle. Thank you for stopping by and thank you loads for your sparkling comments on the pics. :)

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    Love the pics and love the cake….you ROCK Jenny…miss you Momma :(

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    Deirdre- Thank you sooo very much. But…. I’m still waiting on your best Vegas story. I know you have one or two or three. Weren’t you just there to see the hotties from South Africa play soccer?? XOXO, Ann Fifth…

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    When my sister got married a few years ago, as Maid of Honor I had the pleasure of arranging a bachelorette party for her in Las Vegas. A few of her friends and I got rooms at the Sahara and surprised her with an awesome getaway girls weekend! We set up a bar in our room, decorated the place with condoms, flavored body oil packets as well as various inflatable phallic symbols and whistles. As soon as the girls and the guest of honor arrived the drinking commenced, and shortly thereafter the two strippers arrived. They put on quite the show for us girls and definitely were down to party with 10 crazy drunken Cali girls! We had the best time that night and had to snooze our hangovers off at the pool all day the next day. Definitely the best Vegas trip ever! :)

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    Shelly/Shelly/Shelly– Thank you bunches for sharing! Now that is what I call a bachelorette party.. Brown Chicken-Brown Cow!! Wowzers. XOXOX,, Ann Fifth…

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    LOVE the coat! Oh! It is almost as mouthwatering as that cake. Yummy, yummy shoot!

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    RetroRuth, thank you sooo very much for stopping by! I’m soo glad I found your website! Your yummy 50s’ dishes are the perfect foreplay for my desserts. :)

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    "Busty Jets" (thanks to the porn star name iphone app) 

    My best Vegas story is about to happen this next Thursday (I’m pretty sure of it) ;) …I have a colleague visiting from our London office for six months and she has a list of things she wants to do before she goes back. So what’s next on that list? VEGAS, Baby! Everyone in the office is leaving next Thursday afternoon, gonna show her what Vegas is all about, then all head back Friday morning and go straight into work.

    Stu: “Why can’t we remember a goddamn thing from last night?”
    Phil: “Because we obviously had a great f***ing time.”

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    Miss Busty! I think I need a job at your company pronto. Now that’s what I call a ‘team building’ activity. Show that British babe a good time. Thanks for sharing darling.

    Exx Ohh,
    Ann Fifth

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    Jen Brooks 

    WOW, you look fabulous once again. This pics are awesome, they make carrot cake sexy! I sort of feel left out because I don’t have a Vegas story, now if we were talking Mardi Gras that would be something else. And the cake, I have already had the pleasure of enjoying a delicious piece at work, don’t be jealous folks!!
    But anyways, thanks again for your exciting and fun creativity its great!! Jen

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    Jen- Thank you a million! Thank you for tasting all the many versions. I really should have asked for Mardi Gras stories at this time of year. What was I thinking? There’s always next year and I do plan to keep up with the sugary shenanigans. Thank you again for being such a loyal fan from the beginning. Muuuuah! Ann Fifth. :)

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    Well, I spent far too much time in Vegas in my 20s, as I was a tour guide for French coach tours. Still, I don’t have any stories to rival the ones I’ve read on here so far. Unless, of course, I’ve just blocked it out… ;-)

    You look gorgeous as always and that’s some cake too!

  49. Best Vegas story what when I just turned 21 ( you that trouble coming) went to Vegas with my best friend. We proceeded to get loaded of of yes….bloody marys, aka snack treats, during the day and then went out for a wild night. Literally ran into Marilyn Manson dancing at of all places brewery. He was nice and annoyed with us all at once. Learned to play blackjack and won (off of some other dudes money.) And to top it off put 20 dollars on Black 8 at the roulette table(my judgement was off) and won! Hit the jackpot. Proceeded to spend the money shopping the next day, with some to spare. A fun exciting trip, and I have never really gambled again. Figure I would go out on top. Take that casinos.

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    Ruby- thanks for stopping by and sharing your story. You must have had an absoooolute blast with the French tours. I think you have some crazy stories up your sleeve somewhere. I want to hear more when you’re ready to spill the beans. XOXO

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    Nicole- That is the best 21st bday celebration!! Waaaay tops mine. You were on a lucky roll! I think you need to return to the lovely Vegas haunts as you may just get lucky again!! Thanks a million for stopping by.

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    To add to Mary’s post…yes I fell asleep while getting a lap dance. I had flown to the west coast after getting up at 5am east coast time for work and it was 2am in Vegas. So I had been up for 24 hours. OKay and I wasn’t interested in the lap dance. Mary forgot to mention that she got a # from a ‘pool repairman’ in the club. This guy called her the next day and then asked if her marriage was okay. Then he wanted to know if she and her husband ever fooled around with a 3rd. DUH…giving your # out in a strip club to a pool repairman?? Good idea Mary!!!

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    Jim- Thank you for the follow-up shenanigan to Mary’s post! My My My…. You three most have had a good time and I have a feeling there’s even more juicy goodness to the story. I’m waiting for Miss Nancy to chime in. Nancy??? Are you there somewhere? We’d love to hear your side of the story… Exx Ohh, Ex Oh, Ann Fifth…

  54. thank you so much! you are a doll! Love that coat and the cake looks DELISH!!!<3

    visit me again soon!! :D

    love, polly

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    Renae Big Hill Run 

    OK- my pronstar name doesnt work quite so well, but use your imagination!! So, firstly, loving the mink, and the delicious looking golden decadence you’ve whipped up! Well done baby!
    Can you believe it, never been to Vegas?? But I have a Tahoe story- we (my college roommate and BFF) went for a Halloween weekend and there were plenty of casinos and drinking involved. Lots of naughtiness… but it started with being picked up at the airport in a stretch white limo… we thought it was a joke. We then made the limo stop at the grocery store and proceded to run up and down the isles throwing grapes and cookies at each other. (seemed like a good idea then???) Then blackjack and craps at the casinos where we proceded to lose money, then to a show- met Nose Candy that night and we partied until dawn!!. There were costumes in there, beads, random makeouts, I thnk items of clothing were lost, a Ford Tempo was involved… Then the rest of the trip was up in the mountains of Tahoe in a cabin skiing and bikini sunbathing during the day.
    Fun stuff, if Tahoe was that nutty, I’m afraid of Vegas! ;)
    Smooches JJ- keep up the fab concoctions

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    A couple years ago my three friends and I went to Vegas to celebrate my friend Kirstie’s bday.
    I decided to dress up in theme b/c I always do – I decided to dress like Mrs. Roper from Three’s Company – basically 70s cheesy fabulous – think lots of printed mumu’s, long jewelry, etc. I wanted to dress like I had just come from a Florida retirement community. I also brought some clothes for the going out like the ones Sharon Stone wore in Casino – super short 60s swinger dresses and lots of gold.

    I guess people loved it b/c everywhere we went I kept getting hit on and I even made out with this hot Italian man who grabbed me and asked me to dance with him and then made me make-out with him on the dance floor. It didn’t take much convincing..

    It was also funny bc random strangers thought I looked cute too and wanted to take pictures with me like I was Paris Hilton or something!! I guess it was bc I was wearing my gold visor that had the words Las Vegas on it…haha. All in all it was really fun. Got super trashed. Danced and made out with a bunch of randoms.

    That’s my story.

    Kirsties story: we decided to go to Chippendale’s and when they went around to pick people I shoved my friend and they picked her to go on stage! they roped her up and then 10 guys flashed her! It was soo funny.

  57. I don’t have a single juicy Las Vegas story to relate but wanted to stop by anyway to say hi and tell you how much I love that cake of yours.

    Technically (only just), I”ve actually been to LV, but only for a change of planes at the airport. As I recall, virtually everyone but I on my long flight from Miami to LV had a pack of cards, was already playing cards, drinking heavily, and partying up a storm. I felt rather like a Baptist at a strip joint.

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    Wow, that’s such an awesome coat! Cute photos! I don’t have any juicy LV story since I’ve never been there. But I imagine I would be going to a lot of clubs and just having fun! xoxoxoo

  59. I thought what happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas? LOL

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    The Littlest Polly- Thanks soo much for stopping by doll. Sure you don’t have a Vegas story to tell? XOXO, Ann Fifth.

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    Ranae Big Hill Run- I soooo loved hearing about your Tahoe story! Thanks for sharing it. Girlll.. You could have a good time at an insurance seminar. YOU are waaay fabulous. And Vegas, watch out for Renae!!

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    Barbara- Thanks for stopping by and saying “hi” and sharing your little bit of Vegas. Now that you’ve read a few of the wilder tales, can I guess where you’re planning your next vacation?? :)

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    Shin- GO TO VEGAS MAMA!! That town wouldn’t know what to do with your sexy self!! :)

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    Miss Carolyn- Thanks a ton for stopping by. But now I’m anxiously awaiting your story. And hopefully PRONTO!! XO

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    You look absolutely amazing!!! Very sophisticated. And as usual the cake looks so delish! I wish I could share a juicy Vegas story, but don’t have one…yet. However, I have a Vegas trip planned in May, so stay tuned! Until next time…

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    Steph- Thank you a big glittery thanks for all your kind words. I have a good feeling about your trip in May! Have a sparkling good time!!

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    My Vegas story is lame–My sister flew me (along with herself) there for my 30th b-day…So that we could spend the weekend attending the Star Trek Experience. :) It was awesome, though, and I still can’t wait to go back!

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    Oh, and courtesy of your sweet comment on my blog, I checked out Ladytron–I like ‘em after just the 2 videos I watched online!

  69. avatar

    Rachel- thanks a bunch for stopping by and sharing your Vegas story. I don’t think that sounds lame at all. I’m sure the Star Trek convention had a lot more shenanigans going on than most peeps would imagine. And sooo happy you liked Ladytron. Check out ‘Destroy’ and ’17′. Those are my go to songs when I really need to hustle in the kitchen:)

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    I was 5. Vegas was still seedy and not glamourous at all. What posessed my parents to take us there is beyond me. Emmett Kelley was there at Circus Circus. Emmett Kelly was a famous clown. Seedy Las Vegas AND a clown scarred me for life. I hate clowns. I hate Las Vegas. Wouldn’t this freak you out?

  71. Oh sweetie, what. a. cake! Vegas is just evil for me. I’m that sweet conservative Southern girl, remember? Let’s see, there’s when I went in school with some girlfriends. This guy grabbed my friend in a bad-naughty place on her body while we were on the dance floor. There I was holding her up off the floor screaming “you better run boy, ‘cuz she knows Kung Fu and I grew up in a trailer park.” Classy right? Or when my man took me to a topless pool for our honeymoon. No string lines on me. But I had some sweet fans from a local college football team and got lots of mai tais from my man. ;) Best ever single memory, I used a fake porn name and got asked to dance in a cage at a big nightclub. Craziness! But you know, it’s Vegas. Now sugar, bring on those Vintage stories. Just love those rockin’ photos.

  72. avatar

    Janis – You are an absolute trip! Thanks so much for stopping by and telling me your Vegas story! That is one freaky-ass clown. But most of all, I love your blog; bacon, pancetta, homemade tator tots? Good thing you don’t live in San Diego, or I’d be inviting myself to your place for dinner waaay to much!

  73. avatar

    Amanda Girl- You have had yourself some shenanigans eh?? Love them all! That’s what I call living it up. Thanks so much for stopping on over here and sharing your tales. :)

  74. avatar

    OMG one of my best girlfriends Lilian called me and said “we are flying you along with 3 of my other best friend to Vegas to celebrate my BIRTHDAY! ” I was like hell yea! We had the room, the champagne, the spa treatments, the gambling and oooh the fun at the clubs! I’ll always remember dancing on the couches at the Pussy Cat Dolls Club at Caesar’s… no shoes on and in those dresses! The Pussy Cat Dolls ain’t got nothin’ on me honey! I was pulling the spotlight…. Please… I truly developed a fondness for Vegas on that trip!

  75. avatar

    Mitzi- What a fab-u-lous way to enjoy Vegas girl. And you are THE best dancer I know, so what I know fo sho is that those Pussy Cat Dolls had noth’n on you. SInce you didn’t leave your website, I’m leaving it for you.. Check out my favorite diva ya’ll. :)

  76. I wish I had a Vegas story, but I am so lame I can’t even make one up! I do love the looks of this cake! Your photos are beautiful!! I must admit I have never ever seen a recipe that used baby food! This would be worth trying just to say I did. I bet this is a good one too…

    I hope you have a good start to the week!


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    Every recipe you do is a sensation! Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeed the cake, gorgeous and yum…Photos rock as usual :) Love the way you present recipes.

  78. avatar

    I definitely long to go to Vegas. I would probably hit up the good eats and try to stay away from the gambling (but come on, I know that would be impossible!).

    Love the cute pics!

  79. hello! I’ve adjusted the link from pickled sweets to oven hoots. hahaha. I know im fickle.
    thanks for the nice comment and the support! :D

    PS: This post is TOO CUTE. (: i love the pictures!

  80. avatar

    Dionne- Thanks sooo much for stopping by doll. Girlie- you are anything but lame. Try the baby food out. It add a really moist, carroteee texture to the crumb. Thanks again!

  81. avatar

    Suchitra- Thank you sooo much! Your sweet comments always make me feel like I’ve hit the jackpot! And I’m serious. Muuuah to ya. :)

  82. avatar

    Peggy- You should go girl! With your love of food and cooking, you would go mad!! Thanks big bunches for stopping by. I’m excited for all the 2012 brings you. Best of luck with the Culinary School applications.

  83. avatar

    Hannah! Thanks sooo much for all your sweetness. You gotta a wild Vegas story for me? I’m waiting!!

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    OK, Here is mine….
    Only time I went to Vegas was in ’97 on a work incentive trip. John, my husband, brought a book about how to win at the slot machines and other games. I thought he was crazy, but I read through it on the plane. We were at the Mirage playing some slots and my machine started paying out alittle. We left because we were going to dinner, but I decided to go back to it based on what the book said. Sure enough, about 10 minutes later, I won $1200!!!! I couldn’t believe it. John, of course, blew the majority of my winnings trying to win even more. I guess that’s what happens in Vegas.

  85. Loving these photos…so much!

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    Your pictures on here are just awesome. Love them!. As far as Vegas goes i have gone there for year but always for work and i HATE it. Work and Vegas really sucks. Just because of this i have really stayed away, but the time i have gone to Vegas for fun i make it a spa weekend and it was a fabulous tim.

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    Bridget- How is it that I’ve never heard this story before? Soooo glad I’m having this contest, as I’m so enjoying learning more about old friends and new. Thanks a grand for taking time out of your crazy, busy life to stop by and share the love. Smooches honey! :)

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    Sommer- Thanks doll. I so appreciate you stopping by! Love YOUR site. :)

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    Miss Delishhhh- Thanks a whole hecka of a lot for stopping by! Glad you got some spa time in the schedule. Nothing like some TLC!

  90. I’ve never actually been to Vegas, but 2 of my good friends are moving there in a week. This means I will soon have fun Vegas-trip stories to tell!

    P.S. I have picture-envy every time I see your blog. :)

  91. avatar

    Laura- Thanks soo much for stopping by and your kind words. You will have to go and live it up like a movie star! Have a great week.

  92. avatar
    Andrew Ermlick 

    This isn’t wild or anything, but it’s different. So I walk into the MGM bar on the brink of blackout and the bartender asks me what I want to drink. I look at him and say, “How about I suck off a man?” And he’s just sorta confused and repeats his question. I reach across the bar, stab his chest with my finger, and threaten, “How about I suck YOU off?!” I get hauled out by security and wake up in a hallway a few hours later.

  93. avatar

    Andrew- I love that I am ALWAYS guaranteed a sparkling belly laugh when you’re involved!! Thanks for having the stones to share your shenanigan. :)

  94. hi Jenny
    sadly I have never been to Las Vegas, I would love to have a story to share with you to hear about your adventures! For now I’ll just have to use my imagination.
    Have a wonderful week my friend

  95. avatar

    Denis Denis Denis!! You and the wifey need to go! You being such as ahhhmazing chef would have a feast for your senses fo shizzle! Thanks a million for stopping by VintageSugarcube. Much, much appreciated!! :)

  96. I took jello shots with my 50 year old dad in Vegas. His face was priceless!

  97. avatar

    Baking Serendipity! Now that’s how to celebrate 50years, family, Vegas and jello shots. You got some good genes girl!! Thanks so much for stopping by VIntageSugarcube… :)

  98. avatar

    let’s just say it was a super fun place for a bachelorette party with strip clubs, dancing and pole dancing classes!

  99. avatar

    TMac- Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate the bride-to-be. And I think a good pole dancing class could come in pretty darn handy when you least expect it! :)

  100. avatar

    Vegas Playboy Style
    During the VSDA convention Playboy would rent out the wet & wild water park that was next to the Sahara for an evening of wild fun. At 7:00 Pm a limo would pick us up and drop us off at the park. The evening was limited to about 150 guests and when entering the park everyone would get a water gun. All food and drinks were on the house. About 100 bunnies would be on hand for a full filled evening. They would fill up the water guns with liquor and shoot you fill of 100 proof stuff. How about going down the slide with a bunny in your lap. By 10 pm everyone was ripped and what happens in Vegas stayed in Vegas. Many celebrities & rock stars showed up and partied the night away. What a blast…Heff knows how throw a party…

  101. avatar

    I love how much fun you have! :D And the cake looks amazing!

  102. avatar

    Frank- Oh Lordy, Lordy, I’m blushing and it’s only 0900 AM! And I thought 2011 was the year of the rabbit. :)

  103. avatar

    Tiffany- thank you sweetie and always a big thanks to you for stopping by Vintage Sugarcube. I’m love’n your site something fierce. XOXO

  104. loving the name of that cake. the recipe is indeed golden:-) Sorry no Vegas Stories since I’ve never been

  105. avatar

    Wizzy- Thanks soooo many thanks for your kindness! One of these days, you gotta give Vegas a whirllllll….

  106. Oh Vegas….way too much fun!! ;) I have only been there once but it was enough to last me for a few years! Hehehe….I went with a large group of girls for a bachelorette party…you can probably imagine how much fun we had!
    Oh yeah, and that carrot cake looks fabulous! :)

  107. avatar

    Christina- Thanks a heap for stopping by VintageSugarcube. Girlllll… That’s the ONLY way to rock a weekend in Vegas. Glad you whoooped it up. XOXO

  108. avatar

    um fancy & tasty. right up my alley! :)

  109. avatar

    Shannon- Thanks soo much for stopping by! Do you have a Vegas tale up your sleeve in hiding? I’d soooo love to know. :)

  110. Thanks for stopping by over at Boredom Abounds By Julia! What a great blog you have – I just love recipe websites! Love your hair too!

  111. avatar

    Julia- Thank you sooo much, for your kind words and stopping by my site. I look forward to seeing to hearing about that sexy, turquoise Kitchen-Aid and all the fun you two are gonna get into. XOXO

  112. avatar

    That is one good looking cake! Your pictures look so fun!

  113. avatar

    Cakewhiz- Thanks sooo much! And I’m loving all the goodies on your site. Have a great St. Patty’s Day!!

  114. avatar
    Asia Janczak 

    OMG! That’s mega awesome! you look adorable in that fur :) ps: scrumptious looking cake! ps: no LV story, haven’t been there yet.

  115. avatar

    Asia- Thank you sooo much for stopping by VintageSugarcube and all your sweetness! I’m looking forward to checking out your site. Girlll- you would LOVE Las Vegas something fierce. XOXO

  116. Ok, I am officially loving your blog daaaaaahling. Great fur, I love a girl who is not afraid to rock a a fur :D. I’d love to be able to visit Vegas one day. I’d probably spend the whole time eating though, I’m all about the food LOL.
    I’m doing a give away on my blog for $80 Amazon gift card :), do stop over and enter!
    *kisses* HH

  117. avatar

    Heavenly Housewife. Muuuuah to ya dear. Thanks a heap for your sweetness and stoppping by VintageSugarcube. The furry fur sorta made me feel like a goddess for the afternoon. Exx Ohh, Ex Oh..
    PS. I’m swooning big time over your site… :)

  118. avatar

    It’s so cliche but what happens in Vegas, should certainly stay in Vegas. Afterall, I am married now and the internet is forever. I will share these three tasty ingredients with you: a pirates patch, brown chicken brown cow, and a couple Ferengi accompanied by a Vulcan or two made the trip a hoot. Cheers to you my baking goddess.

  119. avatar

    Ms Mommy Upgrade – I love your style. And I know you must have had a heck of a good time in Vegas. But I’ll be a lady and not pry. Have a great weekend you fabulous mum you, and biggest thanks for stopping by and all your kindness. It’s sooo appreciated!

  120. avatar
    Leslie B 

    My Vegas story – aside from my wedding…yes I had a Vegas wedding – occurred on February 15, 1998 or 99. That date is important because it is my birthday, but if you are a Rolling Stones fan, it was a night that the Stones got together (reunitied) to play at The Joint. It was a A-list event.

    My then boyfriend (now husband) were at the Hard Rock Hotel playing blackjack since we didn’t have tickets. We thought we would just hang out at the hotel and see if we could hob nob with the celebrities. We were able to sit at a table so we could see the celebrities once the got off the elevator and walk to The Joint. Jenny McCarthy came down and did a thing for E! and stopped by our table. I remember seeing Sting, Chris O’Donnell, and Pamela Anderson among others. Ed McMan got lost and ended up at our table where we all ended up shaking hands with him.

    The Hard Rock can be a fun place to play. On another visit, Bill and I were playing blackjack with Uncle Kracker and his girlfriend. How random is that?

  121. avatar

    Leslie- Goodness Gracious! What a star-studded adventure. I love that you and the hubster know how to have a GOOOOOD time. Thanks for sharing your story. You brightened by Friday. Muuuuah. :)

  122. Hey daaaahling, tried to DM you back on Twitter but was having problems. You may have either gotten like 6 repeat DM’s from me, or mabye none, but just wanted to say thank you. Flattery will totally get you everywhere avec Moi :). So glad I found your blog, you are definitely one of the coolest chicklets out there :D. Love you style and originality.
    Hope you are having an awesome weekend.
    *ksises* HH

  123. avatar

    Heavenly Housewife- Muchas Gracias for all your scrumptious words! You the sparkling shizzle for sure. I didn’t see any Twitter DMs from ya. Sorry love. XOXO

  124. Happy to do it, there were lots of really cool stories. :=)

  125. avatar
    The other "Joy" 

    Again, you never disappoint! I’ll be making this one!

  126. avatar

    Thank you- Thank you- and more Thank you Joy!! I love having you as my ‘tastetester’. XOXOX

  127. Star, star, star. Lovely photos…

  128. avatar

    Kitchen Butterfly- That’s such a ginormous compliment coming from a Super Star like yourself… Many Thanks and muuuuah to ya. :)

  129. Hey Jen :) Haven’t kept up much with goings on in the foodie blogosphere, but coming here is always a breath of fresh air :D As always, LOVE the hair and shoes and that mink is just wicked girl! Btw, congrats on the inclusion in Nine Creative Lives! Show em how it’s done GF!!

  130. avatar

    Denise- You completely made my day, no, you made my week! Thank you for motivating me to ‘keep rock’n’. Happy St. Patty’s Day and Muuuuah to ya. :)

  131. Excellent picture and stories! Love this! Born and raised in Vegas for 48 years and am a fifth generation Las Vegan so believe me when I tell you I have heard or seen it all!

  132. avatar

    Wendyyyyy- You completely made my day. I was clearing out a boatload of obnoxious spam comments and then saw this coolio comment from a gorgeous gal in a hip-*ss hat. I would soooo LOVE to still hear YOUR craziest Vegas story. Do tell girl and don’t be SHY!!! :)

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