Wednesday, December 15th, 2010


I honestly don’t believe the expression that something is too good to be true, and this fudge is a prime example.  Am I an idealistic, dreaming, fantasy-filled, modern day Jane Austen at times?  Yes… but who else will give you peanut butter fudge so rich and creamy and thigh trembling with only 2 ingredients?  And when you can hustle in the kitchen, you have time for hoops of holiday shenanigans!

I will see you back in 2011 with a heck of a lot more excitement to come.  Thank you to everyone for all your support during my first 6-months of blabbing about desserts. It’s been 2 Good 2B true.  Exx Ohh, Ex Oh!

Holla to Phil Defalco Photography – I’m one lucky gal.

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    Seriously? Two ingredients? This is totally pushing my already astonishing level of peanut butter addiction completely over the edge. Yum! :D

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    Oh this looks great, I love all sorts of fudge and of course I love peanut butter… but what is Vanilla frosting?! I’m afraid we don’t have such thing here in Latvia… :-(

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    Koci! You have to try the recipe. You will absolutely, positively flip…

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    Alina- Thank you so very much for stopping by and saying ‘hello’. Email me your address and I will mail you some frosting. It is soo inexpensive over here and it would be my pleasure. P.S. I adore you site by the way. Your recipes look ahhhmazing. XOXO

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    They look delicious! That peanut butter fudge looks pretty tasty too : )

    I have been DYING to know what your secret ingredient was. You were so tight lipped about it. Now I know! Vanilla frosting. Pure genius Jenny. You are amazing!

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    I need to get my hands on these little devils!!!!

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    Alina- Guess what? One of my dear friends in the picture is 1/2 Latvian.. A great country. :)

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    Mikal- I think this fudge is easy enough for you to whip out for one of your soirees’. :)

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    Joy- More devilish deelights to come!! :)

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    Looks deliciously too good to be true indeed! And salty + sweet = winning combo :D

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    This is excatly what I needed earlier tonight. I was ravaging through the house looking for a sweet. Looks deeeeeelish, as always!

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    Just when I think that you can’t surprise us with anything else new, you pull out something so amazing and delicious like this. I’ve become so inspired and emboldened by your creativity, that I’m thinking of adding chopped peanuts and mini-marshmallows to my first batch of fudge. It’s been a great 6 months and can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2011.

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    T G Cooke 

    hell yeah PB anything im there

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    I knew we were both peanut butter-heads the moment I started following your blog! Gurl, you’ve totally pushed the limit of bakedom with this two-ingredient recipe, and no one with a jar of PB in their pantry needs to go hungry ever again. Genius! Before you shenanigan off into the festivities, I’ll drop you a note, I promise, I will!

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    Congratulations on your 6 months of amazing shenanigans! They have been great and I always look forward to seeing what you will come up with next.. Love it!!! Creative idea with the frosting… sounds yummeeeee.

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    Srsly? I’d have to be crazy not to try it.

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    Thank you again everyone for your kindness and support during these last 6-months. When I have days that I feel like I’ve been shot out of a cannon, you make me keep enjoying the ride. Thank you again!

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    Try the recipe everyone! I know it sounds bizarro- but… I swear you would never know by the taste it only has 2 ingredients. XOXO

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    I know they must be fantastic for you to put your shoes on the line! WOW!! I like the idea of just having a tub of frosting on hand for whenever I want a quick treat – I always have PB. XO to you and have a wonderful holiday and break!

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    YUM!!!! Now I KNOW I’ll have to go shopping 1 size up after the holidays – I plan on eating this entire recipe :-) Fabulous looking people in the shoot, by the way!!

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    Two accoutrements coming together to be a true dessert? That’s creative. Love me some of that fried chicken and wine in a box too…

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    Show me someone who doesn’t like to mack down on some KFC once in a while? OK!

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    Wow – impressive beyond words. Never in a million years would I have thought to put these ingredients together – you have the mind of a food god! Can’t wait for the next six months! Have a great holiday break!

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    Kika- I agree.. When my friend told me about this recipe and how good it tasted, I first thought she had lost her mind. But then I tried it and it tasted as good as any peanut butter fudge I’ve had…Thank you so much for your continued support. I’m really looking forward to kicking things up a notch in 2011. :)

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    Love this fudge!! Easy enough that I’ll try the recipe myself. Congrats on your first six months, Jenny. Your posts keep getting better and better.

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    I never would have guessed the two ingredients and can attest the fudge is absolutely delicious!! Looking forward to more shenanigans in 2011!!

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    I love how you’ve paired with KFC and wine! I have the bars chillin’ now. I am going to WOW my folks for dinner with my culinary delights of 1)grilled chicken salad w french fries on top and 2) 2G2BT bars!! I’m sure they’re delish! Thanks!

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    That’s my kind of dessert! Might even drizzle some melted semi-sweet chocolate on top. Thanks Jenny!

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    Katie – That dinner sounds deeelish! You so crack me up and that is why I absolutely adore you. XO

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    Bridget – What a bloody brilliant idea. I was thinking of spreading the fudge on top of brownies. Sooo.. Now I’m going to do that and now top with chocolate chips. Miss you darling. :)

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    Michelle Johnson 

    I love peanut butter fudge!! I will have to try this recipe. We will have to think of an idea while you are visiting Detroit, MI!!! for your next recipe. Love ya XOXOXO see ya soon

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    Michelle- That sounds ghetto fab-u-lous! I can’t WAIT!!! XOXO

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    monica lindsey 

    Brianna’s dreams come true with this, OMG…it’s sounds to good to be true………. You did it…!) Love it…………….!

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    monica lindsey 

    Brianna’s dreams come true with this, OMG…it’s sounds to good to be true………. You did it…!) ….

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    A two ingredient recipe is totally up my alley!! And the two that you’ve chosen…pure genious!

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    8 days?? is it possible there’s so little time between moi seeing toi? can’t wait. xo

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    Monthego! I can not wait! Make your honey some of this fudge and let him think you worked for hours and hours. Bisou Bisou..

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    Excellent, i will whip this up and shock my family by my desert-making abilities! thank you thank you for the delicious and easy (?) recipe! !

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    Yve- Your family is going to be mucho impressed my dear!! Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones. :)

  40. 2 ingredients!?!? Oh my. Lovely swing jacket and fab hair as always.

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    Can’t believe it’s been six months, what a ride! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for 2011. Great name for this recipe, it does sound 2 Good 2B True. PB fudge is my favorite, will definitely try this one.

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    Amanda- Yes girl! Only 2 ingredients and you’d never know in a million years. Thank you for the kind words on the jacket and do… I do try.. XOXO

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    We had about a half a tub of frosting left over from some cookies and now it’s a small batch of fudge. The nice thing about this recipe is it can be scaled back easily. I’ll never toss the left over frosting again!

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    Jim- I like the way you think! And trust me, no one will know the fudge was made with just 2-ingredients. Keep rock’n in the kitchen brotha. :)

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    Fiona Driscoll 

    OOOOhhhh my, delicious. Well done Jenny and hope you have a great holiday, lookin forward to 2011 Shenanigans. You da bomb sista

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    Well, my ba-donka-donk is now a ba-chunk-a-chunk but, keep the recipes coming VSC : )

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    Yum. Yum. Yum. I am so making this. You had me at “two ingredients”…

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    Love the group shot but then you have all my favorite peeps in the picture…and 2 ingredients??? who would ever know. Can’t wait for the next 12 posts in 2011. Great job!! Love ya tons.

  49. mmm…peanut butter fudge is DEFINITELY too good to be true! :)

  50. As always, love the colors and styling in your photos!

    Amazing that the fudge is only two ingredients!!!

    BTW, on Food Buzz, the link is defective — missing the “m” in the “.com” part of the link!

    Happy Holidays to you -

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    Holly Orlando 

    2 ingredients???? How do you do it Miss Vintage Sugarcube??? This is definitely a recipe I can’t mess up! Love ya!!

  52. Just saw this on Food Buzz and wanted to tell you… I think you may deservea Nobel prize. Will let you know a definitive once I make this tonight. :)

  53. You had me at two ingredient. My two favorites are peanut butter and frosting. I shall try this and I bet you everyone will love it…thank you so much!

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    Melissa (AKA Hungry Artist)- Thank you doll. I so appreciate that you always notice the details, and thanks a million for letting me know abou the .com… Good karma to you my friend. :)

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    Holly- Let your friends think you’ve been in the kitchen for hours, they won’t know what hit em’.

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    Laura- Thanks bunches for stopping by VintageSugarcube. I’m thrilled you’re going to try the fudge. And thank you for the kind, kind compliment. My head is swelling as we speak. Happy Holidays hon. :)

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    Dionne- Big thanks to you for stopping by and cute, cute avatar you have. You’re gonna rock the socks off your guest with this fudge my dear. :)

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    Talk about quick and easy. ;)

  59. This really is 2 good to be true! Who would have though frosting and peanut butter would make peanut butter fudge!? I love it.. then again, I always love your recipes. See ya in 2011 :) Think you could send some of those photographers my way while you’re out?? ;)

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    Kay Nicholas 

    Has anyone tried making this recipe with the new sugar free vanilla icing? Looks like it would work to me.

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    Hi Kay,
    Thank you so very much for stopping by VintageSugarcube. I haven’t tried the sugar-free, but I think it would work because when you microwave the frosting for a minute, it’s just long enough to get it soft, so it’s not being cooked on the stove, so I really think the sugar-free would work. I don’t know if my grocery store stocks the sugar-free, as I don’t recall seeing it, but I’m going to look and give it a try. What a great snack that would be for someone who really can’t have sugar.

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    Kay Nicholas 

    WalMart stores carry the chocolate and vanilla sugar free cake mixes and SF frostings (choco late and vanilla). The vanilla frosting is wonderful. I thought it was hard to frost the chocolate cake but it is really good…..better after it sets a few days.

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    Good to know Kay. I will check that out. Thank you soo much. Why does everything that’s so darn tasty have to be soo bad?

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    love the pictures…great hair. Congrats on foodbuzz top 9!!

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    Shannon- Thank you soo very much for stopping by and the kind words! Just checked out your site and it is fab-u-lous lady! Keep in touch. :)

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    This is one for those of us needing recipes with baby steps. I might actually successfully make this one!

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    Coco- Don’t tell anyone it was only 2-ingredients, and I swear to you no one will know. My shoes are on the line girl. :)

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    Genius. I love peanut butter fudge but to make it? Total nemesis.

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    Joy- Thanks for stopping by. Your recipes look divine darling. But you gotta try the 2-ingredient fudge. You won’t believe the taste. :)

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    Wow! Who would have ever thought making fudge was that simple? Peanut butter is my fav. I made some recently but it took a bit more work than your recipe. Can’t wait to see you in 2011! Happy New Year!!!

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    Hi, Jenny. I think this is probably up there with the Paula Deen chocolate fudge which uses Velveeta (I gave it as Xmas presents a few years ago to see if anyone could guess the “mystery” ingredient – a controlled substance I’d never had in my kitchen before or since, lest you think I lead a Velveeta-enhanced lifestyle up here in the Gulf Islands). But that chocolate fudge had a great consistency and no trace of orange processed “cheez-food”, either.

    You and I both want to put more “kitsch” in the kitchen, and this PB fudge certainly does that.

    Happy new year,


  72. OMG can you GET any cuter?! Last we connected it was over the whoopie pies and the vintage raincoat chat. These are the most darling and funny photos EVER! Love the casual friends ignoring you totally in the background as you parade your fudge around the pool. You have a verve my dear….

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    Eileen – Thank you soo very much for all your support in 2010. I promise to ‘bring it’ in 2011 and look forward to more posts of yours, “The Joy of Caking”.. You are fab-u-lous! :)

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    Dan- Don’t tell anyone, but I love VELVEETA!! I may just need to try your fudge recipe. Thank you big time for all your kindness and support in 2010! Looking forward to more adventures and also looking forward to reading more from your Island Eats!! Happy New Year..

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    Boulder Locavore- I’m so happy we connected! Thank you for making my day today with your kind comments. Thank you for ‘getting’ my sense of humor and style.. Happy New Year to you and I look forward to reading more from your website. Cheers!

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    Hola Jenny-
    Love this site… are awesome. Peanut butter and chocolate are two of my favorites. Miss you!! Happy Holidays & Have a Fantastic New Year

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    i love this post and the fudge looks soooooo deliciousssss!

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    Miss Chick- Mucho Fantastico hearing from you!! This easy, peasy fudge is perfecto for your busy lifestyle. Please stop back again and mucho, mucho gracias again for stopping by VintageSugarcube. Please don’t be a stranger, as many more shenanigans to come in 2011!! XO

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    Miss Annabel- thank you bunches for stopping by VintageSugarcube. Quite a compliment from a fashionista diva extraordinare, as yourself. Please stop back and check out the fashion and the food honey. Happy New Year to ya!

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    To my secret Kindergarten Crush …
    THANKS bunches for the amazing recipe. Like I told you on FB, that stuff was like Christmas Crack. Congrats to all the success with the website and I can’t wait to see what you do next!!!!

  81. avatar

    Jon- How in the world did I not know about this crush? Maybe this is why I’m still a bit clueless with boyzzz at times. Sooo happy you and your family enjoyed the Christmas Crack!! And big, big thanks for taking your time to comment. Happiest of New Years to ya.

    Smooch, Smooch,

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    Jenny, you’re awesome. I love the props to Mo and Adam and absolutely adore the website. Nicely done dear!!

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    monica lindsey 

    i’m going to make thiswith my friends tomorrow, can’t wait……………..Brianna is gonna love it
    you are the master!

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    Love, love, love the outfit and the color composition of the pics.
    Before VSC it had never crossed my mind to pick up a tub of vanilla frosting but this winning recipe might change this stodgy Euro girl’s grocery shopping habits.
    I am all for 2-ingredient recipes, especially the ones that look like you put a lot of effort into it.

  85. avatar

    Monica- I can’t wait to hear how you like the fudge!! Thanks for being such a big support. Love you!

  86. avatar

    Suzanne- thank you a million for noticing the little things that I put soo much thought into! And you are waaaay far from stodgy. You’re crazy/fabulous!!

  87. avatar

    Ahhhhh!! This made my day! Such a joy of food blogging is meeting such wonderful peeps!! :)

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    Rayanna Easterling 

    Ok, ~I~ am in no way a cook, baker, or proficient in the kitchen! But when I needed to make a contribution to a Superbowl gathering this past weekend… I went straight for this recipe! I made three batches and each were different! One, of course, was the recipe as you have it, but the other too…… just as SINFULLY delicious!

    Milk chocolate icing (I even used the “whipped” variety), mixed with the peanut butter, makes a heavenly “Reese’s” fudge! YUMM-O! And then I also tried it with chocolate fudge icing! O…M…G! A double dose of sweetness that is just incredible!

    One piece of advice… I accidentally chose a sugar-free vanilla icing, and, while being just as tasty, the fudge didn’t quite set up the way it normally would. It was the consistency of peanut butter… but no one ever said it was a crime to eat fudge with a spoon!

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, Jenny, and guide me through my foray into the kitchen, lol! LOVE the site, and am very proud of you! Hugs!

  89. avatar

    Rayanna- You are an angel! Thanks for the super-rad-super-bowl goodness! You are the STAR my friend! YOU da star. XOXO

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    hellllooooo! i’ve been scouring the interweb for the PERFECT birthday treat to hide in the fridge andleave for my honey while i’m away for work (boo missing birthdays!) and i think i just found it. :) can you talk to me about whether you think adding chocolate frosting to the top or chocolate chips in the inside would be a good addition or a “wayy too much sugar” addition?
    :) Thanks…your blog is adorable.

  91. avatar

    Miss Biz- Thanks a billion for stopping by VintageSugarcube! It’s always an absolute pleasure to see new faces. Hope your honey has a wonderful bday. PB Fudge makes a day even sweeter. I think the 2-ingredients are plenty!! It really is a great recipe. Hope you give it a whirl. Thanks again… :)

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    the ingrediants are peanut butter n vanilla
    or vanilla can be substituted with marshmallow creme

  93. avatar

    Miss Kate,
    Thanks so much for checking out my blog. For this recipe, you only use frosting, vanilla preferred if you want the traditional peanut butter fudge taste. Some peeps have substituted choc frosting, but don’t substitute marshmallow cream for the frosting. Hope you enjoy. It’s quite easy and no one will know it’s just 2-ingredients. :)

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    kana kennedy 

    where is the recipe???? i wanna try it what do i do?

  95. avatar

    Hey Kana- Thank you for stopping by! There’s a link to the recipe and it’s only 2 secret ingredients girlie. :)

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    i used to do this all the time i love how easy it is and good

  97. avatar

    Cassie – Thank you for stopping by Camp Sugarcube! I also love any dessert that’s EASY! Leaves more time for FUN, FUN, FUN!! :)

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    Trying this with canned chocolate fudge frosting…it’s in the fridge…will let you know later how it turned out! If it is as delicious as the spoon I licked…I have a new fudge recipe everyone can rave over at Christmas! (My other fudge recipe is a little more involved, also takes about FIVE whole minutes…LOL)

  99. avatar

    Hey Kels- That sounds wonderful!! I’ve heard it’s great with choc frosting. What did you think? Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. :)

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