Friday, May 02nd, 2014


I had big plans for this evening.  I was going to have my boyfriend shoot some pics of me in the most gorgeous skirt you’ve ever seen. Last summer while rifling through the vintage section at Home Clothing, there it was, a size four dress that knocked my socks off.  And no I wasn’t a size 4 last summer.  You know the expression, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?  Well, I snatched up that itty bitty dress and had it made into a skirt.  Extra fabric from the top was added to the sides to fit around all my lusciousness.  Well, tonight, I couldn’t even begin to get it zippered up.  Oy!  Maybe a little less cake and champagne around these parts?

Until then, let the lusciousness continue.  This cake will quite simply, knock your socks off. Recipe here.