Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

When you blog about food you’re never to say the “B” word or bake with the “B” word or blog about the “B” word or heaven forbid you bring the “B” word to a party. It’s pretty much worse than the “C” word.  I’m talking about a cake simply made from a BOX.

Ohhh the sin, ohhh the guilt.  Am I the Hester Prynne of the food bloggers?  I never claimed to be Julia Child.  I also never claimed to be a pastry chef or any kind of chef.  Then one day, as I’m reading “Bon Appetit Magazine”, like a dignified blogger would do, I come across an interview with the one and only Kate Spade.  Her badass rocks a BOX cake mix now and then too.

Like I’ve always said; when I die, don’t send me where all the puritans are going, send me to hang out with the sinners.  They’re anything but boring. Recipe here.